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BBIN motor vehicle agreement signed
16 Jun 2015

Trade: A Bhutanese commercial truck should be able to transport locally grown fruits all the way to Dhaka and bring back goods like clothes starting some time next year, following the signing of the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal Motor Vehicle Agreement (BBIN MVA) in Thimphu, yesterday.

While it was agreed among the transport ministers of the four countries that the BBIN MVA should be implemented in six months rather than 12, its operationalisation will depend on when it is ratified by respective cabinets or parliaments.  Implementation is scheduled to begin by October, this year.

Bilateral or trilateral agreements will also have to be made between the four countries which will specify details on, for instance, the quantity of commercial or private vehicles that will be allowed into Bhutan on a reciprocal basis, entry and exit points, routes, types of permits that will be required, customs related issues, and fees, among others.

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