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Adult diaper anyone? Yes, wearing adult diapers is another option for anyone who wants to avoid bathroom breaks when driving. You might recall a story about a NASA astronaut who was arrested after driving hundreds of miles to confront a romantic rival. Apparently, she drove 950 miles from Houston to Orlando wearing an adult diaper, normally Author: Katherine Marko. Oct 12, 2018 · Need to go to restroom during traffic jam?Adult pant can help. Secure – Japanese premium-quality adult diaper pant, is the option chosen by Japanese and Thai office women. Just like.

2. Traffic jams, people who can't go to the toilet, college entrance examinations, and attendees. Picking adult diapers precautions When choosing a diaper, you should have a certain understanding of the needs of yourself or the user, and pick the right diaper, which will play the role of the diaper. 1: Must be suitable for wearing a human body. Dec 18, 2009 · Hello Sandy, Then you should try cloths diapers. They have a wetter feeling than modern days´ disposables. In don´t have problems peing while driving, although I take a chance at every traffic light or traffic jam.

Weird as it may seem, there are people out there who would rather wear an uncomfortable diaper all day long than go to the bathroom. Japanese media reports adult diapers are increasingly popular. Extended trips on airplanes, traffic jams, and overnight stays can turn an otherwise enjoyable time with family into an unbearable situation. Those were just a few of the issues Goelman sought to solve by creating an adult diaper that is, true to its name, unique.

Dec 23, 2017 · There’s been a lot said about how bad the traffic is in LA. However, I’ve been to SoCal a number of times, and from my experience, it really doesn’t appear to be that bad. I’m from Portland, OR, and from years of experience driving in Portland, the traffic here is much worse than SoCal, and it’s continuing to worsen. During most traffic jams I’ve been caught in throughout the LA Status: Open.