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If you are disabled and one of your parents receives Social Security benefits, you may be able to collect Social Security disability benefits based on your parent's earnings record. If you are over 18, you could qualify for benefits as a "disabled adult child." (Disabled children and teens under the Author: Nolo. Feb 09, 2017 · Services for Adults with Disabilities. Feb 9, 2017. We have prepared this listing of resources for adults with disabilities to help you get started. Look over this list, and you will find organizations that provide information, referral, and/or direct services. VR is an excellent place for a youth or adult with a disability to begin.

Kansas Protection Report Center 1-800-922-5330: To report suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an adult in the community Kansas Protection Report Center 1-800-922-5330: If you or someone you know is being forced to engage in any activity and cannot leave - whether it is commercial sex, housework, farm work or any other activity. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) investigates allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation when the alleged perpetrator is a licensed or certified employee providing services through a KDHE licensed Home Health Agency unless the adult is receiving Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).

And, although charities and trusts are supporting more people with less, they are still able to offer grants for disabled adults - though, not as many as those for disabled children. With adults, the criteria for grants will be varied - it may depend on your disability, your job, which part of the country you live in, your religion or financial. Assistance programs can help Kansas disabled residents. Benefits available to those with a disability include medications, financial assistance, home and medical care. Kansas disability benefit programs. Residents with a disability can get help in Kansas. The government and non-profits provide individuals with several benefits and programs for.

Disability Services Services to individuals with visual, hearing, mental, or physical disabilities. (Also see Community & Disability Resources a wide-variety of resources published by the Resource Center for Independent Living.)Return to Table of Contents by clicking onAging & Accessibility Directory above. This disability planner page explains how you qualify for benefits if you become disabled. This disability planner page explains how long, and when, you need to have worked to qualify for Social Security disability. This disability planner page explains the Social Security definition of disability. This disability planner page lists the first two steps in the process of deciding if you are.