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The Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, designed for use by people of all ages who have physical disabilities, facilitates walking mobility such as transitioning from BWSTT to over ground walking or initiating gait training in Early Intervention. Whether it’s a First Step or a Return to Walking, Walkers can Help. Walkers are used to assist with standing mobility when an individual can consistently bear weight through their legs, postural control has developed to the point that the person can keep themselves upright and cognitive skills are present to support the motivation to move from one place to another.

About The Grillo, Gait Trainer The Grillo is a gait trainer designed for adults & kids who need support or a reference to step correctly using Anterior or Posterior frames. A wide bearing surface supports both the trunk and the pelvis to maintain the CENTER of GRAVITY during height adjustments. Gait trainer for children is designed to improve muscle strength and neuromotor control when walking. Adults’ use of gait trainers during physical therapy eases burden on the therapist and promotes motor skill gains through locomotor training during the walking practice. Other advantages include: Improved socio-emotional and psychological aspects.

Gait trainers help patients learn to walk after suffering an injury or suffering from some other problem that limits walking ability. carries several posterior and anterior gait trainers that are designed to support adults as part of their rehabilitation program. We also carry pediatric gait trainers. MATRIX Adult Gait Trainer is a revolutionary ambulatory device that uses an innovative bungee system to better replicate normal movement. Easily customized to the individual patient, this gait trainer for adults is simple to use and successfully helps restore healthy gait mechanics in patients recovering from.

New pediatric and adult gait trainers. Meywalk, Mini Walk, Buddy Roamer gait trainers are the best pediatric gait trainers from designers in Europe. Home. Pediatric Products. Pediatric Gait Trainers. 0 Items ($0.00) Southwest Medical. Customer Service: 1-800-236-4215 Call Toll Free. Adult Drop Support - Small - Large (1) Medium Gait Trainers & Walkers. Gait trainers are designed for individuals who do not have the functional gait skills or postural control to safely and independently use a standard walker. Their benefits include: •Encouraging early cognitive and learning development.