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Toucans range in size from the lettered aracari (Pteroglossus inscriptus), at 130 g (4.6 oz) and 29 cm (11.5 inches), to the toco toucan (Ramphastos toco), at 680 g (1.5 lb) and 63 cm (29 inches). Their bodies are short (of comparable size to a crow's) and compact. The tail is rounded and varies in length, from half the length to the whole length of the body.Class: Aves. Toco toucan. One of the most notable features of the toco toucan is its large bill. This bill is around 19cm in size and is comprised of keratin (the same substance as human hair) which makes it very light. The bill has a small black patch next to the body before becoming orange for the majority.

Apr 11, 2012 · There are over 40 species of the Toucan, and they range in size from 5 to 20 ounces. They can be up to29 inches long. They can be up to29 inches long. The one that most people are familiar with is Toucan Sam who is the character for the Fruit Loops cereal commercials. A: A toucan weighs a little over 1 pound, approximately 20 ounces. The bird grows to about 25 inches and their bills alone reach up to 7.5 inches in length.

In some cases, alterations may be required and in others, you may need to order another size. And because seasonal costumes tend to run small, we suggest buying the larger size when in doubt. It's always easier to take-in, hem or otherwise adjust an item that is too big or too long than one that is too small or too short. While its size may deter predators, it is of little use in fighting them. The toco toucan can also regulate the flow of blood to its bill, allowing the bird to use it as a way to distribute heat.

Measuring 63.5 cm (25 in.) in length, the toco toucan is the largest of all toucans. Its black body and white throat are overshadowed by its most recognizable trait: a large colorful beak. The bright orange beak is about 19 cm (8 in.) long – one third of the bird’s total length. ADULT TOUCAN SAM FROOT LOOPS CEREAL BIRD COSTUME USED SIZE XL. Pre-Owned. $44.99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Bird Of Paradise Toucan Costume, Black, with Winged Tab (UK IMPORT) Adult's Tropical Paradise Toucan Bird Costume One Size See more like this. Teddy Toucan Mascot Costume. Brand New. $1,159.99. Buy It Now +$35.00 shipping.