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Adult Transition students are trained to use public bus transportation to move between instructional sites in the community. The Adult Transition Program assesses each student’s abilities, skills and interests by observation in a variety of age appropriate, integrated and functional community settings. Adult Transition Center Calendar. September 2, 2019. Student & Teacher Holiday. October 11, 2019. End of 1st Grading Period. October 14, 2019. Start of 2nd Grading Period. Student & Teacher Holiday. October 15, 2019. Parent Teacher Conference Day / Student Holiday. November 25, 2019.

As your teen becomes a young adult, they will go through many changes. Your Children’s Health Care Team will work with you and your teen to prepare them for their changing health care needs as a young adult. This process is called pediatric to adult transition. Make an Appointment Which would you like to do? Make an appointment with your current doctor.. Make an appointment with a new doctor.

Safer Foundation believes community corrections, or Adult Transition Centers, are vital to providing incarcerated individuals a chance to restructure and stabilize their lives. Safer is the only non-profit agency to operate two secured residential Adult Transitional Centers (ATCs) on behalf of the Illinois Department of Corrections.