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Ariat National Adult Medal. National Standings. Regional Standings. Please allow 3 weeks for Ryegate to receive results. Each Regional Series will consist of all shows in an USEF Zone. Canada will be an additional region. At the end of the qualifying period the rider accumulating the most points in. The Capital Challenge is host to two equitation Finals - the ARIAT National Adult Medal and the Taylor Harris National Children's Medal. Points are accumulated throughout the year at participating shows and the top riders from across the country are invited to participate in the Finals.

Please help us to congratulate Hannah Williams from Woodbine Maryland who won the Ariat National Adult Medal this morning. Hannah has earned valuable points towards the finals at The Capital Challenge Horse Show later this year.Followers: 641. The THIS National Children's Medal or the Ariat National Adult Medal may be combined with an existing local or regional Children's or Adult Medal, as long as specifications are complied with for the National Children's or Ariat National Adult Medal class. In that case, points may be earned Locally and Nationally. Points.

Would someone be able to clearly explain to me how the qualifications work for the Ariat Adult Medal? I've read the rules, but still a little confused since there's explanations for two ways to qualify. (national standings and zone/regional standings?). May 10, 2019 · Lexington, Ky. – May 10, 2019 – Hunter competition kicked off at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show in the Claiborne Ring, starting with the Ariat National Adult Medal on Friday. Eleven amateur athletes entered the ring with their mounts attempting to earn the highest score. At the end of competition, however, it was Emily White Author: Callie Clement.

Enter your Gallery ID: Go. Contact. To show in the Ariat, you must be eligible to show in the adult hunters at that show based on the zone specs even if you are not going to show in them. If you meet that, then the next part about the over 3'3" comes into play (reason being, some zones allow adult hunters to show in the 3'6" AO hunters too).