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School Operations/Division of Adult and Workforce Education Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center 750 NW 20th Street, Room A-124, Miami, FL 33127. On-Line Help Topics Case Access Log Case Folder Label Print Case Load Listing Case Notes Case Process Closure Tab Condition and Cause/Sources: Disability Tab Create Contact Record CaMS - Case Management System | Adult Career and Continuing Education Services | NYS Education Department.

Case Management. The nursing continuing education courses listed in this Case Management category will inform you about case management, utilization management, and discharge planning. They will help you get started in case management or enhance your current practice. A project was conducted to develop and deliver training on case management procedures for adult educators. The project trained adult instructors on techniques, processes, and procedures of effective client case management through a series of workshops and discussion group sessions. The case management approach is based on the assertion that increased contact with adult learners will Author: Carol Molek, Helen Guisler.

Cross "HSE" off your to-do list. For adults over 21, St. Nicks Alliance's Adult Education program partners with the NYC Department of Education and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development to Location: 2 Kingsland Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States.