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TOTALDRY X-PLUS ADULT BRIEFS FULL REVIEW. SIZING. The TotalDry X-Plus Diaper comes in three sizes: •Medium 32” to 40” waist or hip •Large 38” to 50” waist or hip •X-Large 47” to 57” waist or hip. The TotalDry X-Plus Briefs are an outstanding overnight or day time adult diaper has a high holding capacity and fast absorbency. Try them out yourself order today!

If you, a loved one, or someone you are caring for is searching for a complete, round the clock solution, the array of TotalDry adult care products are designed and created to help individuals feel secure and in control. We focus on three main principles when designing and creating our adult incontinence products. We are pleased to offer the TotalDry X-Plus adult disposable diapers from Secure Personal Care Products, LLC. The TotalDry X-Plus briefs are an outstanding overnight/day time diaper designed after the European model of high capacity fast absorbency and superior dryness characteristics. This diaper is .

Nov 15, 2010 · So, I have gotten this question multiple times on whether I think the Secure X-Plus or the Bambino Diaper Classico, Teddy, or Bianco are more absorbent. In my opinion, they are all the same top absorbency. These adult diapers make up the epitome of absorbent diapers on the market but they are all the same in my experience when it comes to absorbency.