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I always shaved my Aussies to between the length of a boxer and a german shepherd, mostly for the shedding. It takes hours to get rid of the undercoat and a short hair cut is fine. One time I took them to a commercial dog place and they shaved my dogs so short they had razor burns and everything horrible but I found a person who does a great job. Mar 21, 2017 · In my own angst about the shaved Australian Shepherd and undercoat chaos management, I have been doing a lot of reading and I just had to write about it again. In case you haven’t heard – The shaved Australian Shepherd is a dog that is said to have a coat that is ‘destroyed for life’.

Aug 01, 2014 · I tried to never have my aussie shaved; however, when her skin got embedded with fox tails after I moved to Arizona, shaving her was the only way to see and remove the fox tails. Not to mention $500.oo surgery for the ones which went deep inside. Aussie fur is a magnet for fox tails, whereas, other breeds aren’t bothered the least. May 10, 2019 · “My oldest daughter shaved the side of her head a couple weeks ago. I gave her permission,” said Bell, 38, during a Q&A session. “She just woke up .