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Hurt / Comfort >>>> Xander gives the comfort Xander and Spike are in London, each struggling with his own (mental) demons. Can they help each other? Boglescatverse by Witling Spike is very sick with an unknown malady. On Hiatus. Bonded by Jameschick. Spike has been chipped and taken in by the Scoobies. Just as he and Xander are beginning. Xander Harris/Spike Summary Written from a SpanderFiles prompt by laazikaat: I want Oblivious!Spike aware of Xander's arousal every time he's near him, but assuming Xander's getting hot and bothered over whoever else is in the room as well, and starting to think Xander's a randy bugger hot for nearly everyone (including Giles!) until they're.

They stopped one more time when was when Spike woke up crying because he needed to be changed. Xander took a diaper from the bag and started changing him. Xander couldn't picture the look on Spike's face when he'd tell him about changing his diaper. He could imagine Soulless Spike's reaction, but Souled Spike had lost interest in biting the bait. Located: Buffy the Vampire Slayer > Threesomes/Moresomes > Angel(us)/Spike(William)/Xander Angelus is back and he still has an open bill with Spike, unfortunate as always Xanders gets kidnapped along with the vamp to witness what a creature Angel was, the warnings are all for later chapters, and mostly implied scenes M/ AU.

Spike asks. Giles really doesn't want to spend time alone with this man, but he does really want a cup of tea. He should also get to know the man better. After all, his daughter had chosen him. "Certainly." Spike puts the kettle on the stove, and Giles cleans his glasses. "I love your daughter, sir," Spike says. Sir, that was an odd thing to say. After Buffy finds out about Xander lying to her, she tosses him out of the Scoobies. this is the story Xander fall's in to darkness and his rise back to the light. WARING: rape, drug use, suicide attempt, cutting, Xander abuse, slight Willo AU/ Content Tags: Anal Angst.