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Striped Possum. Adults have fur that has a more gradual transition between black and white, and the white areas turn more gray with age. Striped possums have a number of unique characteristics: they have a long tongue and fourth finger, their incisors are long, and they have a rounding of their braincase. The striped possum (Dactylopsila trivirgata) is a member of the Petauridae family, one of the marsupial families. The species is black with three white stripes running head to tail, and its head has white stripes that form a 'Y' shape. It is closely related to the sugar glider, and is similar in appearance.Class: Mammalia.

The striped possum has a dexterous elongated fourth finger that is used for collecting wood-boring larvae while it is excavating trees. The fourth digit is highly sensitive and some observations suggest that it is used to discriminate different vibration frequencies of various insects and larvae. The striped possum lives only in the upland and lowland forests of the Wet Tropics region of north Queensland from Mount Spec, near Townsville to Iron Range. It also Occurs in lowland New Guinea. Life history and behaviour. The striped possum is a shy,solitary animal, venturing out at night to munch on flowers, fruits, beetle larvae and pollen.

Striped Possum: Dactylopsila trivirgata. Slightly built with a variable pattern of black and white stripes which run along the length of its body. Toes are highly furred and elongated, with the fourth finger particularly elongated. Has a clinging pungent odour.