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Jun 18, 2014 · I agree with the fact that genetics are odd. To be honest, the Gosselin children should look more white, but they don't. Maybe because the Dad took so much more of his asian side, and got passed on to the kids.Status: Open. Gosselin's mother, Pamela Castello (née Lyum), was born and raised in Hawaii as a second-generation Korean American and his father, Thomas Gosselin (a pediatric dentist), was of French, Irish, and Welsh descent. Gosselin's father died on January 13, 2005. Jon Known for: Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Dec 12, 2015 · Kate Gosselin is proof that it is impossible for a Eurasian male to marry a blonde woman. I looked at how Asian her 3/4 white kids were. And I thought its impossible that they can be that Asian looking. Even Jon Gosselin isn't that Asian looking. Jun 25, 2013 · Kate Gosselin has angrily denied she is racist after a picture of her surfaced on Sunday, appearing to mock Asians. In the image, Kate, 38, is wearing what looks like a geisha-style moulded.

Why are all the Gosselin children Asian looking? The Gosselin children are one-quarter Korean. Their grandmother on their father's side of the family is from Hawaii but is 100% Korean. Jun 24, 2013 · "Kate Gosselin has eight part-Asian children. Her ex-husband Jon is half Korean. Is it ok for Kate to do something like that? Ask Miley Cyrus." "She did the same thing and it didn’t go over to Author: Free Britney.

Jon Gosselin's mother is Korean but was born and raised in Hawaii. See KoreAm article highlighting the Gosselin family's multi-cultural heritage under Related Links. In one episode of Jon and Kate.