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Why Do Teen Girls Wear Diapers? Does It Feel Good? 17 Answers. Samantha Mitchell answered. Teens have long been known for doing weird and strange things. If you catch your teen girl wearing a diaper there are probably a few good reasons she does it, and the comfortable feel of it is just one of the reasons they are wearing it. For some it’s a subconscious compulsion, an urge or desire that they can’t explain that likely formed in early childhood, and while some of these cases can be linked to a traumatic experience that is not always the case. I myself had an idyllic ch.

The teen may also like to wear diapers for sexual reasons, and some girls find wearing diapers easier when they're on their period. In petz nursery how do you change their diapers? petz do not. I know many teen girls who wear diapers and plastic pants.they wear them to be cute and little girlish for holidays etc.many catholic girls wear diapers and plastic pants under communion and baptism dresses to symbolize their purity of infants for baptism and first communion.some parishes require the girls to .

Other than that to each her own. it is perfectly ok for teen girls to wear diapers.they make the girls feel cute and innocent.they also keep boys out of the girls pants.many parents prefer their. girls do u wear diapers for fun or on ur period. be honest do y'all girls thank its sexy or cute if a guy wears diapers or panties or both.

May 05, 2009 · It can be shocking to discover your teen is wearing diapers. However, it's important to remain calm and address the situation from a place of love and support. It can be helpful to write out your feelings in a letter ahead of time so you do not confront your teen when you are still emotional and confused. Write a letter you do not intend to send.63%(201). This is a poll for girls who have to wear a diaper for daytime wetting accidents. I have to wear them on many special occasions and days that my parents make me wear them. I'm 13 years old and want to know how many other girls wear them too like I do and what we think of it and what helps us feel better having to wear them.